Tony Phillips: Saving My Own Life

tonyp2I woke up on my hotel’s cold bathroom floor. I was groggy and my head hurt tremendously. My first thought was, “What am I doing on the floor of the bathroom?” I sat myself upright and again my head pounded on the right side. I felt sick to my stomach. I looked at my watch and saw that I was due downstairs for my sales meeting in 10 minutes, but that was not going to happen as I was still not even dressed yet.

I managed to pull my 307-pound self up by the granite countertop of the sink and I looked in the mirror. A gigantic bruise with a small scratch down the middle graced the side of my head. I called my boss in the next room to tell him that something had happened to me and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it downstairs. He immediately came over to my room and announced he would be calling the paramedics to take me to the ER.

It was just a regular day and I had been prepping for a meeting downstairs in one of the meeting rooms of the hotel. I had spent lots of time in hotels as my sales job requires a great deal of travel up and down the eastern seaboard.  I spent hours, days, weeks at a time away from home so pushing myself wasn’t unusual. I spent lots of time traveling and no time taking care of myself.

Epic steak dinners with all the trimmings were followed by an entire large pizza.

A bowl of ice cream always became another and another.

Snickers bar wrappers and french fry containers were my constant companion on the road.

I was already on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol due to being overweight, but I lied to myself by just saying “well, it’s inherited” and “I’m just made this way.” I’ll bet you might have felt that way too!

As I arrived at the hospital, the ER doctor examined me with a series of rigorous tests. His conclusion? Besides a concussion, he was convinced I had either had a heart attack or a stroke, but could find no definitive evidence of either one. He was very forthright with me and said that I was slowly killing myself with poor nutrition, and my lack of exercise was making a bad situation even worse. My medications weren’t doing anything except masking my health crisis. A Diabetes diagnosis was just around the corner. An early grave was imminent if I didn’t stop my habits.

His advice terrified me.  I wanted to be with my family, see my daughter graduate, play football with my son, get to a silver anniversary with my wife. That doctor did me the greatest favor by telling me the truth. So I left that hospital and came home with a newfound mission for myself: get healthy and save my own life.

tonyp3I had my accident in August of 2015.  Since then, I have lost 120 pounds and I am no longer on any medications. I no longer have high blood pressure, my cholesterol is normal and Diabetes is not even a thought anymore. But, it wasn’t easy.

I didn’t know how to properly eat or even how to measure a normal portion size. A gym membership was out of the question because I simply wasn’t home often enough to use it and I was in desperate need for nutrition help. I found my answer in Beachbody.

Not only do they provide amazing exercise programs that I can travel with me, but they also provide me with an eating plan that has made all the difference. I went from a waist size 52 to a 34 and from an XXXL shirt to a medium. I changed bad habits into good habits. I became the person I always wanted to be.

Anyone can get healthy and you can, too! All it takes is being honest with what you want out of your life.  Don’t compromise on your health.

You only get one chance so make it count by taking care of yourself.

Tony Phillips is a Beachbody Coach in Monroe, GA. He has been married for over 20 years and has 2 children. Tony has traveled a journey over the last year through proper diet and fit and he has lost over 120 pounds. Through Beachbody and the grace of God he leads others to take the same challenge and passion about health and fitness daily. Facebook – Tony Phillips Facebook Like Page – Tony Phillips – Transform and Dream to become the REAL you Instagram – Fitness_For_Fat_Guys email – website -

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