Michelle Finley: Spring Trends 2017

Spring is finally here! With winter officially over today, I thought it wise to take a look at some of the trends that were on full display at NYFW (New York Fashion Week).  I follow Fashion Week for both entertainment as well as inspiration.  For instance, one of the trends on display was robes.  Yes, it looked like they threw on their bath robe and high heels and were ready to go out!  (If I wore that, I swear I would end up on one of those Walmart people videos!) 🙂 So that’s one trend I will be keeping in my bathroom!

But there were some other more reasonable trends that inspired me to shop my closet and come up with something similar!   There were many styles of off the shoulder and one shoulder tops and dresses.  Banker stripes and bold stripes, 50 shades of yellow, yes, yellow.  A color that people often say they “can’t pull off”.  However, there are literally 50 or more shades of yellow and sure to be one that will work with your skin tone.  The trick is finding that tone and feeling confident.  Make sure you don’t look washed out or overwhelmed by the color, but instead that it highlights your eyes or hair and makes you feel beautiful.  Or maybe you just pull in that trend with a bright yellow clutch!  Red with Blue and Red with Pink are also trending this spring!  Khaki was big and floral and fruity patterns on everything from tops and pants, to handbags and shoes. Baseball caps and statement earrings or long pendant necklaces were also on display.

All of these trends are exciting and easy to incorporate into your existing looks.  I’m going to start by organizing my closet based on these trends.  Placing all my floral patterns together, stripes together and organizing by color.  This will make it easier to mix and match these patterns and to know what I have and what I may need to buy to ramp it up!  You may figure out you have more than you thought and can save your money for accent pieces, luxury choices or a day at the spa!   Take a look at how I used inspiration and the latest trends for a few looks!



Bold Stripes

In addition to taking inspiration from NYFW and the latest magazines I like to watch Olivia Palermo, Melania and Ivanka Trump. No, I can’t afford the gorgeous Michael Kors sequin suit Melania was wearing,  but I can shop my closet using her look as inspiration. Here’s a gallery of looks that inspired me to create something similar from my own wardrobe!

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Decide who inspires you and follow their lead.  Take from them what you like and leave the rest behind.  Or better yet, follow along with your favorite blogger (me). 🙂 I promise to always keep it classic while incorporating the latest trends.

All of these looks can be found on www.finleysfivefold.com.  You can also follow along on Instagram for daily outfits to inspire you to step out with your best look, wherever you may be going!

Hi there, I’m Michelle Finley, wife, mom, friend and career woman! I’m the only girl in my house so I like to glam it up! I enjoy helping others find their inner fashionista! Come with me on this journey as we navigate the world of fashion, and bridge the gap between exquisite pieces and a budget! Follow me on Instagram – @smfinley28 – or on my blog at www.finleysfivefold.com

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