Michelle Finley: Love Is In The Air…And In Your Closet

LOVE: (noun) – 1. An intense feeling of deep affection; 2. A person or thing that one loves. (verb) – 1. To feel a deep romantic feeling or attachment to something or someone.

We’ve all known the feeling of “LOVE” in our lives, from parents, siblings, friends and lovers.  Without love we would dwindle away! My son tells me he loves me several times a day and it’s the greatest sound I know.

Besides showing affection to others we use the word “LOVE” to describe many things.  I “LOVE” the 70 degree weather we’ve been having in January.  I “LOVE” to sleep in on Saturdays!  I “LOVE” to shop and find that perfect outfit.   As we discussed last month, sometimes instead of cleaning out the old we bring it back to life, maybe, we fall in “LOVE” with it again.

So let’s explore what makes us “LOVE” that certain outfit.  I know for me it’s how it makes me feel.  When you head out for the day and you feel good in what you’re wearing it adds a little spring into your step.   You’re off to the office or your child’s school feeling confident and happy.  One compliment later and you are sure you could rule the world.  Well, maybe that’s a bit much but you know that feeling.  So I want you to stop and think of that outfit, the one or maybe several if you’re lucky that gives you this feeling.  Now, answer the question, why?  Why, does that outfit make you feel so good?   Maybe, you felt tall, your legs seemed long, your waist is highlighted.  Take a moment to figure that out and use it when shopping in the future.  Make sure whatever you buy from this point forward gives you that feeling, that you fall in “LOVE” with the piece or pieces you buy or simply put them back and save your money.  If you don’t get that feeling, then no matter how great the bargain it will most likely spend more time hanging in your closet than being worn and enjoyed.

Here are 2 outfits that I love, both I wore for work.  The navy outfit was mixing patterns which I love and wearing a neutral heel makes your legs elongated and can be slimming.  The pink outfit I love because it includes a pop of color and some animal print, both of which are my favorites to style.  All of these are older pieces that I mixed and matched to come up with new outfits without spending a dime!

Valentine’s Day is coming and of course I want to help you create the perfect look for your special night out or in.  We personally don’t tend to go all out for Valentines but if we did I would choose this pink sequin dress, purple sweater and sequin skirt or a red flirty dress for dinner and dancing!  I will most likely choose a great red top and jeans with heels.  Follow along on IG this month as I place hints of red, pink and purple throughout my choices to celebrate heart health and LOVE the entire month of February!  IG smfinley28 or Facebook Finleys Fivefold.  www.finleysfivefold.com

Hi there, I’m Michelle Finley, wife, mom, friend and career woman! I’m the only girl in my house so I like to glam it up! I enjoy helping others find their inner fashionista! Come with me on this journey as we navigate the world of fashion, and bridge the gap between exquisite pieces and a budget! Follow me on Instagram – @smfinley28 – or on my blog at www.finleysfivefold.com

Author: Jason

Jason Brooks is the owner and editor of Grayson Local. A resident of Grayson for over 14 years, he loves the Grayson community and the potential it holds. A former pastor, Jason now works as a freelance writer. He has written for The John Maxwell Company, North Point Ministries, The Ford Motor Company, Catalyst, and several regional magazines as well. You can follow Jason on Twitter (@JasonMuses).

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