Michelle Finley: Easter Fashions and Jacket Magic

Every year, at the beginning of Spring when everything is blooming and all seems new and full of life, I look forward to the celebration of Easter! God is so good! And this season is a great opportunity to coordinate that prized family photo. One of my favorite things about this is mixing those patterns! I have a family of 3 so it’s pretty simple: I choose my dress, and then I coordinate my boys around me.

I typically choose color for our family. I see a lot of people take the khaki and white beach pictures each year and for us as blondes it just seems to wash us out. You may also choose a different color for each family member with mom and dad’s outfits bringing it all together with a plaid or floral that encompasses all those colors. I’ve included several photos of my family through the years in green, yellow, orange, etc.

This year I chose purple because I already had this purple floral dress that I’ve rarely worn. Having my dress already is a big savings and a perfect opportunity to get my ever-growing teenager a new shirt and shorts. Since he only wants athletic wear 24/7 this is as dressed up as I can get him right now. Off I went to TJMaxx to scoop up this striped purple polo, and while there I found a nice windowpane style dress shirt for my husband that brought it all together.

So remember all the pattern choices you have, plaid, stripes, windowpane, floral, polka dots and solids.  Have fun mixing it up, choosing a bold color and getting that perfect family photo for Easter or your Summer beach trip. You can view my family’s choices in this gallery:

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Now I want to share this exciting story about being inspired by exquisite while staying on a budget. I saw an army green style jacket on line and just fell in love. It had such detail added that made it really unique.  I immediately clicked on the site and was ready to order until I saw the price tag of $695. Wow! The wind was taken right out of my sails, as I am certainly not willing to pay that price for a jacket! But I just couldn’t let the idea of that jacket go, so I decided I could make a similar version myself.

I started googling “army green jacket” to see where I could find a good style, with quality for the best possible price. I found a great choice at Old Navy and it was $35 but of course it didn’t include any of the applique detailing. I couldn’t find the lace applique locally so I went on line to etsy.com. If you haven’t been it’s a great place to find just about anything. I ordered several different styles of black lace applique $15 and when it arrived I got busy pinning it on my jacket to create an entire new look.

Since I don’t sew very well I decided to take my jacket to my favorite alterations and they agreed to sew on all the applique for $20. Suddenly my old navy basic army green jacket had a whole new exquisite look for a total of $70. Floral and lace applique is in this season on jeans, jean jackets and sweatshirts. Why not take that old pair of jeans, add some floral applique for $15 instead of buying an entire new pair of jeans for $100?

Use your creative mind and you will have a unique and beautiful piece! Enjoy!

Hi there, I’m Michelle Finley, wife, mom, friend and career woman! I’m the only girl in my house so I like to glam it up! I enjoy helping others find their inner fashionista! Come with me on this journey as we navigate the world of fashion, and bridge the gap between exquisite pieces and a budget! Follow me on Instagram – @smfinley28 – or on my blog at www.finleysfivefold.com

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