Local author Amy McCart on fairytales, family and her new book

image (2)Today is a big day for local author Amy McCart. Her first book, Fairytales Do Come True: When God Writes Your Love Story, makes its official debut today. The fictional story follows the life of a young woman on a journey through the challenges of relationships in a busy world, and was inspired in part by McCart’s own real-life story.

In addition to being an author and speaker, she also co-hosts a podcast with her husband, Tyler, called Family on a Mission with Tyler and Amy, which is available via iTunes. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram (@amyjmccart) as well as on Facebook.

McCart took the time to answer a few questions about her book and its launch for Grayson Local.

Grayson Local: What is Fairytales Do Come True about?

image (1)Amy McCart: Fairytales Do Come True: When God Writes Your Love Story is a Christian Fiction book following the college life of Emily Cook. Though she grew up in a Christian home, like many young people when they go off to college, for the first time she discovers freedom. College presents an opportunity to also discover who she really is and what she believes. In this coming of age story, Emily comes to a crossroads where she will have to choose between a relationship or God and she cannot have both. Ultimately, in the line of mistakes she makes, will she ever be able to forgive herself from all she has done? Will God be able to forgive her? Is it possible for someone like her, a sinner and someone who has fallen so greatly, to one day receive God’s best, her Knight in Shining Armor?

To accompany the book is the Fairytales Do Come True Study Guide. The Study Guide follows the book chapter by chapter allowing the reader to dive into Scripture, answer questions and journal thoughts.

GL: Who do you imagine is the audience for this book?

AM: The primary audience would be women ages 18 and older. Due to the nature of what goes on in college, to keep it realistic, the book does touch on some sensitive topics that college students face.

For the High School reader, this would be a fantastic mother/daughter study with Mom staying a chapter ahead. The book and study guide would provide a launching point of discussion, and ideally help the high school student choose purity before being put in sticky situations. As I know all young people grow up in different types of homes with varying degrees in their relationship with Jesus, the parents obviously know what is best for their child and what is suitable for their place in life.

Finally, all readers! Anyone who loves a good Christian fiction, loves seeing God be glorified and needs a quick read over the holiday down time, Fairytales Do Come True is your book! Men too!

imageGL: What prompted you to write a book?

AM: I saw a need. My ultimate desire is for young women to remain pure and save themselves for God’s best, the husband God has pre-chosen for them in the sacred union of marriage. I’ve seen young girls and women, give themselves away in relationships, only to end up broken and hurt on the other side. My desire is for women of ALL ages to see that despite their past or present, when they do things God’s way, HE can truly bring a Fairytale love story to their life! Whether they are dating, single or married, God can change bad into good, renew what’s been broken, and restore light to dark places. God truly is the Writer of the Ultimate love story, and it is available for everyone!

GL: What inspiration did you draw from your own life?

AM: Fairytales Do Come True: When God Writes Your Love Story is based on a true story, my story. I watched as God did the miraculous in my own life. As He took someone broken, discouraged, and disappointed in life and He brought me to the saving knowledge of Jesus. He wiped my past clean, and brought about in my own life what seemed impossible, my true fairytale husband! I wanted this book to inspire women to wait on God’s best for their life and not prematurely manufacture an answer to suite their time table. Time and time again, I watched the good and bad, as I sometimes waited on God’s best, and other times tried to do things on my own. As hindsight is 20/20, I can truly say, every time I waited on God, He did what was exceedingly and abundantly above all I could ask, think or imagine! Though much of the book is based off of a true story, there are sections that truly are fictionalized to solidify a point, or bring to light specific issues that women deal with today.

GL: What were some of the challenges you faced bringing the book to publication?

AM: In the beginning section of the book, you see the life of the main character living the party scene at college. Keeping college realistic, but also softening it for the reader who is living a Christian life, proved to be a bit challenging. There are some difficult topics discussed. While trying to not soften the book too much, I did keep scenes in the book as realistic as possible. Ultimately, following along with the bad in the story shines light on how amazing God is, that from ashes, He can bring love and restoration.

GL: What do you hope people will take away from the book?

AM: My ultimate desire is that the young reader will choose purity! That they will join in this Fairytale Revolution of purity and waiting on God’s perfect spouse for them (saving the good stuff for marriage!). That the book partnered with the study guide will help them be prepared and set standards in dating and life. That they would think through what is appropriate before putting themselves in a situation where they may waiver. My desire is PURITY! Saving the hearts and minds of young people, encouraging them wait on God, and to those who have already given away so much, remind them that God restores and makes new, redeems and makes the dirty white as snow. Sin is forgotten when Jesus covers it, and all it takes is to just ask Him!

My desire is that all the readers will be encouraged to follow God no matter what their endeavor. Whether it is waiting on God’s perfect spouse, choosing to work in a marriage to help it be restored, or choose purity when all others may be choosing a promiscuous road. My desire is that people will join in this Fairytale Revolution and choose God!

GL: Where can people buy the book, and for how much?

AM: The book will be available online at Amazon as well as my website, www.amyjmccart.com. The Fairytales Do Come True book is $16.99 and the Fairytales Do Come True Study Guide is $14.99. The e-book Kindle version of both is $7.99. Make sure to hashtag your picture when your books arrive!




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