Jonathan Long: How to Make Sure No One Steals Your Business Facebook Page

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Occasionally people attempt to make the argument that Facebook has become irrelevant and small business owners shouldn’t waste their time. Despite the detractors, most social media experts say business owners who think Facebook isn’t a valuable tool are probably using it incorrectly. With over 1 billion users, Facebook is hardly irrelevant.

Many times, business owners are simply too busy to be an active content creator. Since they know they need to be engaged with Facebook, but don’t have the time to dedicate to the endeavor, the responsibility is handed over to an employee only to have this person quit, get fired, join a monastery, etc. Trusting an employee to manage social media accounts isn’t a terrible idea, but it can be very risky without the proper precautions up front.

We’ve heard the horror stories, and they are usually some twist on one of the following scenarios.

They delete you and any other admin which leaves them as the dictator of your social media presence.  Then perhaps they…..

….Change the username.

….Post malicious, false claims about your business.

So how can you remove the potential of the nightmare scenario in which you’ve lost control of your business’ Facebook Page? A signed agreement stating their obligation to be responsible in their management of the page and not remove you as an admin may give you some legal recourse, but it’s not a complete solution. 

The solution:

As the business owner, YOU are the only person who needs to have “Manager” level permissions on your Facebook Page.  You may decide to give manager level permissions to someone you can trust completely – like your Grandma. Other than you two, every other person with access to your Facebook page should be assigned the role of “Editor.”  Here’s how to make the changes:

1. Visit your Facebook Page.

2. Click on “Settings”.

3. Click on “Page Roles”.

4. Next to the person’s name, there is a blue triangle.  Click that and select another role for them.

Now you’re safe and secure!

Jonathan Long is the Managing Director of Social Sphere Media. Social Sphere specializes in helping small business owners make the most of their social media presence. | [Twitter•Instagram•FaceBook] @JonoLong

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