Gwinnett PD hoping to slow 9-1-1 hang up calls

The call is all too familiar with the 911 Center. Someone calls 911 and then hangs up without having a conversation with the call-taker. It happens for many reasons:

  • Accidentally dials 911
  • Child calls 911
  • Multiple people call 911 for one emergency
  • Calls 911 and then changes their mind
  • Child playing with disconnected phone (will still call 911)

When a person hangs up on a 911 call, the call-taker takes the time to call the person back to insure that police or fire response is not needed. While the call-taker is trying to make contact with a hang-up caller, another person with a true emergency could be calling in.

Since the beginning of 2015, the 911 Center has noticed that this problem is increasing. In January, nearly 15% of all 911 calls into the 911 Center were abandoned calls. In April, that number grew to 17%. In June, abandoned calls represented nearly 27% of all 911 calls.

The answer to this problem is simple: When calling 911, stay on the line. If you no longer need public safety response, tell the call-taker. In a true emergency, seconds are valuable. It takes less time to make contact with a call-taker and cancel your call than to hang-up and force the call-taker to call you back to determine the nature of your call.

If you are a witness to a crime or traffic accident, please call 911. Your statements could be valuable to the investigation. Never assume that someone else is calling 911 in an emergency.

Author: Jason

Jason Brooks is the owner and editor of Grayson Local. A resident of Grayson for over 14 years, he loves the Grayson community and the potential it holds. A former pastor, Jason now works as a freelance writer. He has written for The John Maxwell Company, North Point Ministries, The Ford Motor Company, Catalyst, and several regional magazines as well. You can follow Jason on Twitter (@JasonMuses).

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