GHSA investigating former Grayson football player

Kurt Taylor, former Grayson Rams running back, stands with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Taylor has committed to the University of Michigan football program.

One of the state champion Grayson Rams is the subject of a new investigation by the Georgia High School Association. And it all stems from a recent television feature on Atlanta’s FOX 5 News.

Kurt Taylor, the star running back for the Rams’ 2017 AAAAAAA championship football team, transferred into Grayson for the football season. Now, officials with the GHSA are concerned he and his family may have violated the rules governing transfers. Taylor recently committed to play football for the University of Michigan.

According to Gwinnett Prep Sports, officials for Gwinnett County Public Schools say that Taylor’s transfer was vetted by GHSA in the fall and deemed legitimate.

At issue is the fact that Taylor’s father rented an apartment in Grayson during the season, but there are questions now as to whether or not the family’s home in Covington was ever put up for sale. Here’s a portion of the GHSA by-laws that pertain to Taylor’s situation:

1.62 A transfer student who has established eligibility at a former school in grades 9-12 shall be immediately eligible at the new school if:

(a) The student moved simultaneously with the entire parental unit or persons he/she resided with at the former school, and the student and parent(s) or persons residing with the student live in the service area of the new school. This is known as a “bona fide move.”

(1) The student may choose the public or private school serving that area.

(2) It must be apparent that the parent(s) or the persons residing with the student and the student have relinquished the residence in the former service area and have occupied a residence in the new service area.

(3) The following factors, although not conclusive, may be evidence of relinquishment of the former residence: Selling the residence and vacating it; OR vacating the residence and listing it for sale at a fair market value; OR vacating the residence and leasing it to another (other than a relative) at fair market value; OR abandoning the residence and shutting off the unnecessary utilities. NOTE: When a family claims multiple residences, the residence for which they apply for a homestead exemption will be declared the primary residence provided the family spends the majority of their time at this residence.

(4) The bona fide move is validated when the student’s family maintains the new residence for at least one calendar year. A return to the previous service area within that year renders the student to be a migrant student. All hardship appeal processes are available.

In addition to the stories by Gwinnett Prep Sports, and the AJC, the story has made the national news by way of USA Today High School Sports.

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