Bay Creek Middle School hosts 7th grade dance

I was able to serve as the photo booth for Bay Creek Middle School’s 7th grade dance on Friday, February 19th. It was my first time visiting the school, and I was blown away by the size of the building, but more importantly by the character of the kids.

I don’t remember much about 7th grade (I think I deleted those memories on purpose), but the kids I saw yesterday were happy, funny, and full of life. And they absolutely loved the photo booth.

My favorite moment came when a young man, very serious, came up to me with a handful of ones.

“Here,” he said, extending the bills toward me.

“What’s that for?” I asked. “Is it a prop for your picture?”

He looked at me, totally confused. So I clarified.

“The photos are free, man,” I said.

He broke into a huge grin and stuffed the bills back into his pocket. Then he jumped in front of the camera, ready to go.

Here are the photos from the dance. If you see a photo you like, simply click on it to download.

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Author: Jason

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